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7-B, Industrial Estate, Govindpura,
Bhopal, 462 023 (M.P.) India

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CNC machined precision components of Copper, Steel and Brass etc for various applications.



Francis / Kaplan / Pelton Turbines.


Hydro Turbine Components

Hydro Turbine Components


Industrial Compressor

Impellers upto 1600 mm diameter


Traction Motor Frame Machining

Traction Motor Frame Machining



Pole End Plates, Damper Segments, Connections etc.


Industrial / Traction Motors

Short circuiting rings, Rotor bars,oxygen free copper components, Damper Bars, Commutator segments, Bevel Gear Assembly etc.



Bushing head, offload tap changer, Flexible connections, Laminated foil, copper braid & Aluminium Bushing head etc.


Switch Gear

Fixed and moving contacts, finger contact assembly, Busbars, Coil Assembly, Shunt assembly, Flexible connections, etc


Aerospace Components

Al Alloy Housing,Stainless Steel Valve Plate,Titanium Impeller,Al Alloy LP End Cover,Pump Body Casting,Al Alloy Bracket,Front Casing